Credit Line



Dear Business Owner:

My name is (Tim Hayes). I am an Auditing Consultant (Refund Processor) who specializes in creating immediate additional cash flow at no upfront cost to you.

Over the last couple of years a concept has been developed that has proven to increase your cash flow almost immediately by taking advantage of an overlooked service you pay for but hardly use.

Companies in almost every business and industry, that pay for this service but never use, have been tested and the concept I want to share with you works. I am certain I can create a surprising amount of cash for you. I will do so on a strict contingency basis. In fact, since I have already found the perfect deal for you, I will put my money where my mouth is. If I don't put money in your pocket You owe me nothing.

To discuss this in greater detail, all I ask is that you call my voice mail, state your company name and specify the day that's best for you so we can talk and get the show on the road. Everyday you wait will cost you money I will never be able to retrieve for you

I do these type deals nationwide, so please call right away so I can fit you into my schedule. I can guarantee that you will be blown away and quite surprised by how this new concept can add to your bottom line in a matter of days... I do all the work, and you reap the benefits.

Since I am very selective in the clients I pick to share my time with I must ask that you only email me if you are the decision maker


Tim Hayes


PS. Go ahead and send me a email just to let me know you are interested. I'll try to arrange a time that is mutually convenient since the deal I have in mind for you is rather profitable.


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